29 March 2008

GGIP Chocolate Scheme Goes Live!





This unit of six lessons is designed for use with Y6 post-SATs.

It is designed to:

• provide a new and fully resourced topic for Y6

• engage children with a topic that is relevant to them all

• make links between their world and the wider world

• act as a bridge between KS2 and KS3 (through the “key concepts”)

• create opportunities for children to develop as young geographers

• provide a context for studying Fairtrade issues

Why do a transition unit in geog?

It is hoped that this unit will:

• help to establish links between primary and secondary geography

• help to give children from different schools a common area of knowledge and understanding, that can be referred to and built upon

• help introduce Y6 students to the “key concepts” below that will underpin their geography at KS3 in the new secondary geography curriculum from September 2008.

Sounds great!... What do I do?

Primary Geographers

You can download the unit from the links below (these may be blocked by some school networks).

Email Adam at the GGIP campaign to let us know if you are using the resources and any feedback you wish to offer (your school name will appear on the GGIP site if possible)

Secondary Geographers

You can download the unit from the links below and save to a CD. Then send to Primary Schools in your area with this or a similar letter. (download here)

You can email the Primary Schools in your area the download link using the following or similar message. (download here)

You can send a flyer to your local Primary Schools (download here)

Please email Adam at the GGIP to let us know what Primary Schools have implemented the unit.

Embed the trailer promotion into your website or blog. (download code here)

Ok.....whats next?

The transition unit ‘The Darker Side of Chocolate’ will be completed ready for teaching in Secondary Schools in September 2009.

Ok.....where are the resources?




(You will need to scroll down and enter the reactivate download password and then click the download icon)

You will visit an external site to download the resources

12 March 2008

Our World Film Festival tickets on sale now!

Tickets for the GGiP Our World Film Festival are now available to buy online here.

11:00am: Alternative Guide to Our World
A series of professional and amateur short films exploring alternative ways of seeing our world, this hour long session includes the geography@work film-making awards.

12:30pm: The Planet:
Planet Earth is changing and this film is a self proclaimed 'wake up call' to us all. Set to outstanding imagery twenty nine experts from around the world explain how the geography of our world is changing and how this is being witnessed globally. The film will be followed by a short discussion.

14:30pm: A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash
This 90 minute documentary explores our world's obsession with oil and argues that in the near future we will exhaust Earth's viable supplies with devastating effects. A Crude Awakening effectively shows the risks involved within becoming dependent on natural resources and what our futures may look like without black gold. The film will be followed by a short debate.

6 March 2008

Vote for Geography!

Please take a moment to vote for Geography on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.... a team of geographers (students, teachers and academics) is in the vote for Upstaged which is online and on BBC 3. If we get on you can expect 6 hours of geography... within a talent show

All you need do is visit http://upstaged.external.bbc.co.uk/ and become a member... then search for our team:

"We're going to change Britain" (look for the image of the stick person)

You can vote from 11am on Friday morning - we're the 'Wildcard'. If you can... do ask your students to vote for us too.

Thank you in advance!

3 March 2008

Our World Film Festival

Tickets for the GGiP first Our World Film Festival will soon be on sale. Below is a preview of some of the films which will be shown and talked about this year.

The Planet
"Twenty nine experts from around the world give their opinion about the state of Planet Earth in visually stunning images and commentary. Their views on the consequences of the climatic, geographical and anthropological changes emerging now, demonstrate that a unique scenario is beginning to unfold, and witnessed globally. The film explores the latest facts and examples and leads us to the ultimate issue of how we will cope with the future." Oxdox

A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash
"An informative and unashamedly apocalyptic documentary about the world’s obsession with oil that makes An Inconvenient Truth look positively chipper." The Times

In Passing
Is just one of the short films that will be shown as part of the Alternative Guide to Our World. In this hour long session the winners of the geography@work film competitions will be announced and their films will be shown.

22 February 2008

Geography on BBC3

Give Geography its Place has a team of Guerrilla Geographers trying to take over one of the stages at Upstaged on BBC3. On the back of 'We're going to change Britain', a Facebook group started by Guerrilla Geographers which now has 45,000 members we're now looking to get voted onto the show... while we will be looking to change Britain, we will also use the stage as a platform to show off some of geography's fun stuff. You're ideas are most welcome!

Please take a moment to sign in, become one of our fans and support us in this effort. Our act is called 'We're going to change Britain'.

6 January 2008

GGIP in 2007


In 2007 the GGIP campaign further developed:

  1. The creation of the GGIP online shop offering a range of GGIP merchandise
  2. The 2007 GA Conference was a great success for the GGIP
  3. Noel Jenkins @ Juicy Geography came across Studiobenben offering geographical postcards for students to take away when visiting another country. The campaign raised $46 for GGIP and The Darfur Wall. (more info here)
  4. BBC actually used the word Geographers! (see here)
  5. The GGIP online form was setup to encourage debate and empower supporters
  6. The GGIP super scheme was launched to support Primary School teaching of Geography (should be ready early 2008)
  7. GGIP in bookshops, a very successful sub campaign highlighting the lack of "geography" sections in many bookshops.
  8. The GGIP on Radio 6, with Jo Norcup promoting Geography
  9. The Hand of Geog was born and was seen on TV by millions at Live Earth
  10. The GGIP campaigned for Geography to be in the title of the BBC's new planet documentary
  11. The "G team" found the G Spot at Glastonbury
  12. Ken Livingstone was the latest high profile supporter of the GGIP campaign
  13. The birth of Guerrilla Geography will surly be a huge hit with geographers in 2008
  14. The launch of the "Our World Film Festival" again another key theme for 2008

Good Luck in 2008

5 December 2007

Our World Film Festival

Thursday the 27th of March 2008 at the Odeon Cinema, Guildford
(On the Fringe of the Geographical Association's Annual Conference)

A showcase of geographical filmmaking, Our World Film Festival is a visual adventure into our changing planet to promote our understanding of the geographies that we live.

Our World will be a wonderful mix of films made by both first-timers and professionals alike.

Tickets will go on the 24th of February 2008.

Folens geography(at)work film-making competition
Student films: Do you really know where you live?
Teacher films: Extreme geography
An outstanding showcase of short films submitted for the 2008 geography(at)work film-making competition that test Geography’s boundaries.
11:00 – 12:00 £2

A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash
Feature film & debate with special guests
‘A Crude Awakening is an informative and unashamedly apocalyptic documentary about the world’s obsession with oil that makes An Inconvenient Truth look positively chipper.’ The Times
12:30 – 14:30 £3

An Alternative Guide to Our World
A showcase of geographical shorts
A wide range of short films that exploit geographical thinking including In Passing, a film about the psychogeography of a blind women’s experiences of Manchester and entries from ‘The Secret Geographer’ competition on the Geography of…
15:00 – 16:30 £5
geography(at)work film-making competition
Full guidance and rules will be available from here on Monday the 10th of December 2007. All entries must be recieved by the 14th of February 2008.

The geography(at)work Student Award for Geography Filmmaking
Do you really know where you live?
Ask your Year 9 students to make a 60 second film on the theme ‘Do you really know where you live?’ and they could win an atlas, an annual subscription to Geographical MagazineA, a copy of the festival’s feature film, 1kg of Fair Trade chocolate and a shield for your school.

The geography(at)work Teacher Award for Geography Filmmaking
Extreme Geography
Make a 60 second film on the theme ‘Extreme geography’ and you could win a class set of geography(at)work, the new KS3 series, worth over £1200 for your school.

The GGiP Secret Geographer Filmmaking Award
The Geography of…
Make a 60 second film on ‘The Geography of…’ and you could win £200 (or £100 if you come second). Simple as that.

An Alternative Guide to Our World
To be announced here in January 2008